What we do

We are a Social Enterprise that provides 'life changing' support, education and training  opportunities for first time offenders.  .


Our S.E.T Model (Support, Engagement & Transition) is the cornerstone of our work, it allows us to be brave, entrepreneurial and challenge 'the norm'




We provide individuals with a previously unblemished police record, immediate support and guidance should they find themselves on the wrong side of the law.  

We support these individuals with issues such as: choosing the right legal team, media management & emotional well being. 

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The aim of bthechange is to benefit society by reducing re-offending and thus the number of victims.  There is no attempt to pretend that offenders have not committed a crime, it is one of the fundamentals of bthechange that any of its clients take accountability and ownership for what they have done.  Every effort is made to support the client to ensure that they can rebuild their lives and contribute positively to society.

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Nobody just offends, there are critical factors with every offence committed.  Offending factors for 1st time offenders are ordinarily: Housing, employment & substance misuse issues.  If these risk factors are not dealt with / removed than the likelihood of re-offending is high.  We work with 1st time offenders and their families to remove these critical pathways

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