Vision & Values


Our Vision…

“Is to close the re-offending revolving door before it starts spinning”


Our Values are…

Hope & Inspiration:

We aim to provide inspirational support, guidance and mentorship which will create hope and promote self-worth.


Positive Change:

Change is a process, not an event. Therefore all our programmes support sustainable change and achievement.


Trust & Integrity:

We treat people as they wish to be treated and we follow through on our promises and commitments.


Our Mission…

'Our mission is to provide individuals immediate well-being support and practical guidance should they find themselves on the wrong side of the law.  Through education initiatives we aim to discourage young people from crime by empowering them to explore, understand, challenge and change attitudes that may lead to anti-social or serious criminal activity.  Through training and employment enterprises we aid ex-offenders with re-engaging with society, thus transforming lives and reducing public spending'.


Our Core Belief…

We believe that maximum resource needs to be applied upon entry into the criminal justice system.  This will promote effective rehabilitation.  Equally we believe in a restorative approach: Restorative Justice, restorative sentencing and restorative community service.


Our Work Is Based On…

Individuals taking responsibility, accountability and ownership of their lives and only then can the re-offending revolving door stop spinning.  This is achieved through our clients engaging in our ‘powered interventions’ and restorative / methods.




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