Through Custody signposting from Devon & Cornwall Police, we provide individuals immediate support and guidance should they find themselves on the wrong side of the law.  


Through our peer mentoring and transition programme, bthechange supports individuals by providing immediate wellbeing support and emotional guidance should they find themselves on the wrong side of the law, particularly when the offence requires Crime Prosecution Service involvement.  


We offer support to clients within 6 hours of contact by the individual. Initial support can be simply to help them understand what the criminal justice process is and what they are likely to experience. Through a ‘care plan’ the work then is to understand what each individual needs to build a more positive life in the future. This can take the form of help to find accommodation, training, or employment.  Clients are also assisted to engage in a healthier lifestyle either through specialist support services or a healthier lifestyle through sport.


60% of 1st time offenders will re-offend within the first year of their sentence.  Re-offending costs the UK Government £16 billion a year.  Our clients have a 2% re-offending rate, this confirms that 'Rehabilitation needs to start at the point of entry'. 


24/7 Support available - Call 0800 001 6521



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