Schools Crime Consequence & Anti-Social Behaviour Diversion Programme 



"Our purpose is to reinforce the message that criminal activity can destroy lives and does not pay"

Who is the Programme for?

The Programme has been designed for people from 12 years onwards. The programme has been designed in such a way it can be linked into existing awareness, intervention active citizenship and employability programmes.  bthechange proactively seeks methods to educate young people about the potential and power of their attitudes and actions.  We aim to equip people with tools that will enable them to make empowering choices hence deterring them from anti-social behavior, peer pressure, gangs, low self-esteem and criminal activities. 

How long is the programme?

Our programme consists of three forty-five minute sessions.

Who delivers the programme?

This programme is delivered exclusively through bthechange CIC. We are a specialist provider that work with The Police & Crime Commissioners Office, Prisons, Devon & Cornwall Police, as well as a host of educational settings.  All of our staff are DBS checked and hold a Level 3 award in Education & Teaching as well as being experienced level 2 and 3 peer mentors.

The Outcomes

The programme has been designed to get the learners to think about how their actions will affect them and others.  The Programme has been designed to use emotional responses to improve the mental resilience of its learners. Through discussion, teamwork, achievement and cooperation the workshop has been designed to give the learners a sense of wellbeing and acceptance.

Unit 1 - It wasn’t me’ crime consequence expert witness presentation

In this session we will here from a former offender.  Their story and the journey includes accounts of how they have held themselves accountable and responsible for their actions and rehabilitation. Individuals will be able to gain an understanding of the long term effects of crime on the offender and the Victim.

Unit 2 - The victim voice workshop

Participants will be able to show understanding of what a Criminal Offence is and what is the impact of committing a Criminal Offence for the Victim.  This session will also include an account from a victim of crime.

Unit 3 - Social engagement workshop

Participants will be able to demonstrate the effects of good and poor decision making and show understanding in the role they play with making positive life choices as well as understanding what is a community and how crime impacts on well-being.  This session will also be of benefit for anyone that has obtained a criminal record or currently displaying ‘risky behaviour needs’.

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