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“I received a suspended prison sentence for fraud.  I lost my job and my partner.  I was very lonely and possibly suicidal.  The support I have received from Josh at bthechange has been unbelievable.  He has helped me to help myself and I am now helping others with mentoring which is also therapeutic for me. The hard yet compassionate approach from Josh has enabled me to rediscover myself worth and hold my head high, drawing a line on the past so that I can have a future.  This approach has enabled me to keep my nose clean.  I still have flashbacks about the Police station and court appearances.  I work voluntarily at the moment as no one will give me the chance of a paid position because of my background.  However working with bthechange has given me hope.”         Ryan age 18 - Torquay      


 “If support is not available then most offenders are left with little choice than to reoffend to support themselves and their families, I am hoping to be able to work with bthechange so that I can support their work.  Their non-judgemental and person centred approach is priceless.”                                                                                                          Tina age 32 – Plymouth


 “Unfortunately people like myself have made some wrong choices and have had to live by the consequences of their actions.  I made a seriously wrong decision and was convicted for a high value theft.  When this happened my life fell apart, but there comes a time when you have to make life changing decisions.  The day I met bthechange changed my life, I screamed out for help and I got it, Josh helped me to take a hold of my life and that’s when my future began.”                                                                                      Roxy age 28 - Exeter


 “bthechange helped me to get out of the mind-set that probation, police and the system are the enemy and accept my part in them being involved in my life and that’s the key to moving on and leading a crime free life.”                                                                                        Matt age 27 – Newton Abbot


 “To make people understand that you have changed and are not that person is the hardest thing.  bthechange have believed in me and have worked hard behind the scenes to make those who matter in terms of me gaining employment realise that I would be a great asset”                                                                                                                                  Nathan age 24 – Barnstaple

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